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Artificial Grass



Artificial Grass



Tired of paying high water bills? Tired of cleaning dirty dog paws? Want to take mowing, weed eating, fertilizing and edging off of your to-do list? Would you like to have a picture perfect lawn at all times? Want to practice your golfing techniques in the comfort of your own backyard? Bella Vista Artificial Grass and Landscaping can help! We provide our clients with only the highest quality products that meet our stringent quality standards. All of our artificial grass products come with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee against fading or manufacturers defect and a one year warrantee of installation and workmanship.  Our artificial turfs come in a variety of grass (pile) heights, colors and densities to fit the needs of each individual project and budget.


We believe in installing a high quality artificial grass product that will last. A high quality installation process is just as important as product quality when ensuring the longevity of your new artificial grass or putting green. It is essential to install and repetitively compact varying layers of material of progressive densities for proper drainage through the material into the native soil. This process is more in depth than is popularly televised on DIY television shows or YouTube – this professional installation method is very important in order to maintain an even surface after the materials have been exposed to rain, ensure proper drainage, reduce pet odor and to maintain the integrity of your artificial grass or putting green surface. A proper foundation to your artificial grass is equally as important as a proper foundation of a home.


At Bella Vista Artificial Grass and Landscaping we want your artificial turf project to look stunning at all times. We offer maintenance packages for bi-yearly or seasonal inspection of your project. We will rebloom your artificial grass to ensure it looks as good as the day it was installed, clean and deodorize your turf.


Pet & Family Safe * Drought Friendly * High Quality Reputible Products

High Quality Artificial Grass and Putting Green Installation and Follow-up Care

Common Uses for Artificial Grass:

Front and Backyard Sod Lawn Replacement


Dog Runs/Kennels


Children’s Playgrounds with Subsurface Shock Padding


Veterinary/Pet Boarding/Training Facilities


Putting Greens


Dog Parks


Safe for Use around Salt and Chlorinated Pools


Clean and Diverse Alternative to Common Landscaping


Our Turf Types:
Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass
Putting Greens

Bella Vista Artificial Grass and Landscaping


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